Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor/sponsor terms and conditions

Exhibitor/sponsor terms and conditions of participation of Management Forum der Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH

  1. Registration and approval

    Please apply using the exhibitor registration form / sponsor pack. Please fill in the registration form and sign with a legally binding signature and return as soon as possible to the Management Forum of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH (hereinafter the „organiser“).

    With registration the exhibitors and sponsors acknowledge the terms and condition of participation as binding on themselves and their representatives. German and international companies and establishments will be accepted as sponsors and exhibitors. The organiser reserves the right to extend the exhibitor criteria. Exhibitors shall be deemed registered when a written confirmation is issued by the organiser thereby creating a contract between the exhibitor and the organiser. A separate contract will be concluded between both contractual parties for sponsorship packages. An issued acceptance may be revoked if the reasons for issue did not or have ceased to exist. The organiser is entitled to reject applications without justification.

  2. Stand allocation and terms
    1. Stand allocation

      The exhibitor stands will be allocated by the organiser. The date of receipt of applications is not decisive in this matter. The size of the total exhibition area is restricted. There is no right to a certain stand placement; however placement wishes will be taken into consideration as far as possible but are not binding. The organiser may rearrange stands for organisational reasons or to maintain the overall effect or adapt the exhibition areas and division of exhibitors. The organiser has a subsequent unilateral relocation right if the organiser has a valid reason for the changes and these alterations are reasonable for the exhibitor/sponsor.
      There is a valid reason e.g.

      • if safety reasons require relocation in the area / hall,
      • if there has been an unforeseen amount of applicants and further exhibitors/sponsors are to be accepted, or
      • if there have been a lower number of applications than expected and there is danger of significant gaps between stands, or if the organiser would like to close a whole hall or part of a hall due to lack of space required.

      In such case no financial claims shall be enforced by the exhibitor/sponsor. If there is valid reason for relocation however it is not reasonable for the exhibitor the exhibitor has the right to withdraw which must be exercised within one week of receiving notification of relocation. If they do not do so then the relocation is deemed as accepted.

      The exhibitor is also then obligated to pay the rent if they are unable to use their stand for reasons caused by themselves, so for reasons falling within their area of risk. This also applies if they are not at fault.
      The exhibitor/sponsor is not entitled to transfer their designated stand to third parties, to exchange it, to sublet it or to accept it for another company, in whole or in part without the written approval of the organiser. Co-exhibitors are to be notified to the organiser a minimum of weeks before the event. Coexhibitors will only be permitted to participate with the permission of the organiser. The exhibitor may not, however transfer or sublet their entire stand to a third party/A co-exhibitor is someone who displays their own products/offer at a designated stand of an exhibitor or have their own staff there (this also applies to companies economically affiliated with the exhibitor)

    2. Stand borders

      It is not permitted to exceed the stand borders booked. The organiser may demand that exhibitor’s stands whose construction is not approved and/or does not correspond to the exhibition conditions be altered or removed. If a stand is closed for this reason the rent for the stand will not be refunded. Each time a stand exceeds the stand area booked a charge of EUR 250.00 + VAT shall be levied per square metre.

    3. Stand components / own stand components

      The rental price of an exhibition stand only covers the stand area and does not include any stand material. If the exhibitor does not use their own stand components, stand component elements may be booked with a trade fair stand construction company accredited with the organiser. Services booked are chargeable and are to be settled directly with the trade fair stand construction company. The contract will therefore be concluded between the exhibitor and the trade fair stand construction company without the organiser being involved in the contractual relationship All the material for constructing the stand is the property of the trade fair stand construction company. The walls of the rented area may not have anything stuck, nailed or tacked on them. On ordering stand component elements the exhibitor/sponsor is automatically deemed to have accepted the general terms and conditions of business of the trade fair stand construction company. If you use your own stand components the stand will not be constructed by a trade fair stand construction company.

    4. Construction and dismantling stands

      Stands are to be constructed in good time. The exhibitor is obligated to timely (at the latest 14 days before the event) inform themselves of the building structure situation of their booked stand area via the organiser before the planning of construction of their stand. Stand construction must be completed before the event opens. The exhibitor is responsible for the removal of waste from their stand and the construction and dismantling of their stand. If clearing up is necessary this will be charged for. The organiser will timely inform the exhibitors/sponsors of when dismantling may commence. No stand may be dismantled, in whole or in part, before the end of the event. The organiser reserves the right to alter the duration of the exhibition or the construction and dismantling times in whole or in part for organisational reasons. Exhibitors will be informed of these changes in due time in the run-up to the event. Infringing exhibitors must pay a contractual penalty in the sum of half the gross stand rent.

    5. Electricity, water and telecommunication connections

      General lighting, basic and higher rate electricity connections, water and telephone connections and additional telecommunication installations (analogue, ISDN, DSL, wireless LAN etc.) are to be booked by the exhibitor directly through the service providers appointed by the organiser (hotel/trade fair centre) at their own expense. Billing will occur directly between the service provider (hotel/trade fair centre) and the exhibitor/sponsor.

    6. Security

      The organiser does not provide any security for the exhibition stands. The exhibitor is themselves responsible for the supervision and security of their stand. This also applies during the construction and dismantling periods, before the beginning and after the end of the event. The organizer recommends that security is booked in good time through the service provider appointed by the organiser (hotel/trade fair centre) at their expense to secure the stand overnight. Billing will occur directly between the service provider (hotel/trade fair centre) and the exhibitor/sponsor.

    7. GEMA (German performing rights society) permission

      In order to play music on an exhibition stand the exhibitor/sponsor must obtain permission from GEMA, the German society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights.

    8. Convention participation, stand personnel, registration € 250.00 per person will be charged for stand personnel for two congress days resp. €150,00 for one day. Participation as stand personnel entitles entrance to the exhibition and includes lunch and coffee breaks. Entrance to the lectures and the convention programme (prize-giving, dinner, gala event, guided tours etc.) is not permitted. Stand personnel will be differentiated by a different name badge and will not receive any convention documentation.

      Convention participation allows entrance to the lectures, exhibitions and all evening events (if offered). Convention participants will receive all convention documentation. Workshops at the beginning and end of the event must be booked separately where applicable. Exhibitors and sponsors may book further convention participation with a 15% discount off the official participation fee according to the respective convention programme.

  3. Advertising, events and special offers on stands

    Brochures or other adverting material may only be given out on your own stand. Additional marketing and advertising measures excluding the written agreements of exhibitors and sponsors e.g. posters, exhibitors, displaying information material, giveaways, stand parties, promotional special offers etc, outside the exhibition area (lecture rooms, information areas, in front of and in other rooms of the event area) are chargeable additional services. They require prior approval from the organizer (minimum eight weeks before the start of the convention) and will be charged separately. The organiser is to be informed of loudspeaker advertising, slide and film shows and events on your own stand at the latest four weeks before the start of the event and must be approved in writing. The organiser is entitled despite previously communicated approval to restrict or revoke permission for performances which cause disturbances, emissions, vibrations or are dusty or dirty or which for other reasons could endanger or have an adverse effect on the event.

    The exhibitor/sponsor is obligated to not use any advertising which is unlawful or offends common decency. The exhibitor/sponsor shall ensure that the use of their company name, company logo and other advertising material are fully permitted by trademark, company, copyright and competition law.

  4. Exhibitor/participant passes

    All exhibitors/sponsors, stand personnel and convention participants must wear their name badges provided by the organiser for the duration of the event. Other name badges are not permitted. Convention participants and stand personnel will receive different name badges.

  5. Cancellation

    Notification of cancellation of exhibition space/ a sponsorship must be received in writing by the organizer. If notification of a cancellation is received eight weeks prior to the event, a refund of 50% of the total amount of the invoice of the exhibition space/sponsoring amount will be issued. If notification of a cancellation is received after expiry of the period of eight weeks prior to the event as well as in default of appearance, then 100% of the invoice amount will be due for payment. No refunds according to the bookings shall be made for unused exhibition space and congress participation. In case of reduction of an exhibition space made by the exhibitor, cancellation fees for the subarea reduced will have to be paid.

    Any applied person may substitute another person at no additional charge.

  6. Liability

    A claim for damages against the organizer because of loss or damage of objects brought to the exhibition stand by the exhibitor is excluded unless it is based upon intent or gross negligence of the organizer.
    The exhibitor/sponsor shall be liable for any damages done to the material/accessories provided by the exhibition stand construction company, the hotel or other providers. It is strongly recommended that the exhibitor takes out exhibition insurance for any risks in the course of his exhibition participation.

  7. Force Majeure

    If the exhibitor cannot perform the event for reasons of force majeure or circumstances beyond his control, the stand rental shall be refunded. If the organizer is compelled to curtail or cancel an event for reasons of force majeure or other circumstances beyond his control after it has commenced, the exhibitor/sponsor shall have no claim to any refund or reduction of the stand rental.

  8. Authority Regulations

    All aisles of the exhibition area shall be kept free to its full width due to security regulations. Stand fittings must not exceed the limitations of the stand.

  9. Jurisdiction

    The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall govern this contract.
    Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

  10. Severability Clause

    In the event of any provision of these terms being or becoming wholly or partially ineffective or should a loophole transpire in this settlement, such circumstances shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

    Instead of the ineffective provision and in order to close the loopholes, an appropriate provision shall apply, which is as far as legally possible, most closely approximates the objective which was, or would have been intended by the parties to this settlement according to the sense and purpose of these terms and conditions.